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Quality will always prevail in the end. Thank you for your interesting insights.

Here is my current list of stocks:

01 Taiwan Semiconductor

02 Microsoft

03 Copart

04 Accenture

05 Partners Group Holding


07 Games Workshop

08 InMode

09 Amphenol

10 Edwards Lifesciences

11 Laboratorios Farmaceuticos Rovi

12 Lululemon Athletica

13 Robert Half International

14 Alphabet

Best wishes

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My personal top 10 selection:

1. Microsoft

2. Alphabet

3. Salesforce

4. Nvidia

5. Qualys

6. Johnson & Johnson

7. The Trade Desk

8. Perion

9. Fortinet

10. Procter & Gamble

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Very insightful πŸ’°πŸ‘‘

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Please.... Don't forget about me when you want too accept me as a client or investor .... Thank you

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Awesome! I’m a cofounder at a CORE - Raise & Retain (raiseretain.com) we specialize in design, strategy and communication for investing firms. If you like to talk about visual support to the class hit me up! Would love to contribute if I can

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Just wanted to drop a line about how amazing this substack is! It is the newsletter I look forward to reading every time!

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Thanks for this list. I will review further.

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Hello ... Thank you for your response .... Please keep me in mind when you feel comfortable with your or team identity ... Many blessings ... Cory Battista

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Hello ... Remarkable reads from you .... Thoroughly enjoyed and quite a learning experience .... I sent you a request in the past on who you were and do you trade for clients .... Would like to dedicate some funds to you or your firm .... Thank you ... Cory Battista

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All these stocks are hopelessly overvalued. With maybe one or two exceptions, you've literally given us the list of companies at their peak valuations, priced for perfection, with no margin of error in terms of future execution and no allowance for any loss of economic moat. To paraphase the dictum about Wayne Gretzky being able to read the ice hockey game and knowing where the "puck will be", you are just telling us either where the puck is, or where it was. You are not really a value investor, but its historian and cartographer.

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Hello .... Is it possible to provide a list of companies that are COMPOUNDERS .... Thank you

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Thank you for the amazing work you put into these emails, reading them is both entertaining and informative.

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I do really enjoy your 5-minute readings. Long live to long term!

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I like these insights ! Very interesting.

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Could you share a copy of that spreadsheet please? Perhaps as a link to a Google Drive sheet we can copy easily?

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