Great Quality Tuesday piece. The quote, “investing is simple, but not easy” is a good one. Thanks for sharing.

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"If the investment case isn’t screaming at you, you shouldn’t buy the stock". Totally agree, but when I started investing all the investment cases screamed at me, now only a few 😁

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I am middle-aged and back in school majoring in Accounting. Compounding Quality has helped me tremendously in understanding this new passion for understanding the language of business. Thank you, I am grateful.

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Thank you for another useful, insightful, and quality piece, which compounds my investment knowledge and happiness!

I should (and will) repeat my comment above for every piece that you wrote and will write. Cheers!

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Good day Compounding Quality,

My name is Marco Domingos, I´am from Angola, southern part of Africa, and recently discovered my passion in finance and investing. I´m currently enrolled in a 9 to 5 fulltime job which I hate. I would love to do an intership with your Management Fund in order to allow me to have practical experience in the field.

Just want an intership, free of charge, without payments.

Please let me know if there is any such opportunity for me.

Marco Domingos.

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