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Great information as always. I appreciate your service very much. Thank you for that! 😀

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An Informative, entertaining and extremely beneficial piece!

As always, I saved it for last, and it made my day...again.

There is only one Compounding Quality, and he is outstanding!


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First of all thank you so much for your interesting articles which I enjoy reading!

In the text "12. PulteGroup ($PHM)" you mention a free cash flow margin of 16,1%.

In the overview graphic a FCF Margin of 3,42% is mentioned for Pulte.

The correct percentage is 3,42% according to Morningstar.

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I am new to this, unfortunatelly I haven't much time to do my own research.

This information from you is quite valuable and I think I will be able to get some profit out of it.

I send you a big thanks and hug from Spain.

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Your very fine articl began:

“ We used the following criteria to screen for High Quality Cannibal Stocks:

ROIC > 15%

Profit margin > 10%

EPS growth past 5 years > 10%

Decrease in shares outstanding past 10 years > 30% “

However, your description of the elements was different…containing five elements.

Please comment.

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In the overview chart near the end, "Expected yearly FCF Growth ..." column values are copies of the preceding column's "FCF Yield" values.

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Love these lists, always brimming with great companies to dig into.

Recently wrote up #8 on the list (WINA). Besides being a share cannibal it has awesome management, a quality business, and not many investors seem to know about it.

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Great article, are the stocks in order of investment potential or just random.

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Very nice article! WINA looks very interesting. I think the FC yield is around 3%. At 10% it would be a no-brainer.

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Interesting article. You are providing a lot of useful information. Not sure if UK and European companies are doing buybacks to the same extent. Does anyone else know? It has been suggested that the European market is undervalued.

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Great, thank you so much! :-)

If I may ask, given the hypothetical scenario that tomorrow you had to put one of those 15 names into your portfolio, which one would you choose?

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Hello! Amazing content, thank you for sharing. I am wondering what stock screener you use? The one I have been using does not have a lot of these metrics. Thanks!

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I find your articles clearly and concisely written. Thank you for your hard work

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