Another insightful gem like all the others. Thank you for compounding my knowledge.

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My daughter is 9, she has 2 half siblings In 6th & 7th grade, they haven’t been taught anything about money/finance. Nothing. My daughter and I downloaded an app called Stockpile, that helps teach kids about investing, it’s ok, could be better. But it’ll work for now. I had her pick 3 companies she thought were good investments simply from explaining to her it’s best to invest in companies she thinks everyone in America uses. She choose Amazon, Disney & Target. So I told her this will be her investment, with her own money, from birthdays, Christmas and such.

She invested $5 per company.

We’ll see how this goes. Lol Lord knows it’s extremely important but not being taught to kids in any school unfortunately.

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CQ, number two was a bit of a shocker for me. I didn't realize that so few Canadians invested in the stock markets. No bueno!

Thank you for the great content as always!

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