There's so much to say on the topic of what schools should teach but don't.

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Hi CQ, gosh and another awesome Finance Cheat Sheet, these are outstanding.

ta CG, Kev

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CQ, thank you for your latest great piece!

Number two was a big one for me. As a Journeyman, I get to work with many young people- apprentices and administrative staff. Also, I have two teens who are trying to find their path in this world. It is beyond saddening to see observe that many young people these days lack the basic skills required to run a household budget, to do minor repairs to their houses or cars, to cook a few nutritious meals, to build a shelter in case of an emergency, etc. Instead, our kids get fed a bunch of useless crap and and a plethora of distorted and harmful ideas about society, relationships and family values.

More than ever, being a parent requires being a coach and a mentor to our children.

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