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Thanks a lot for this post. I wanted to contribute with my thoughts on Mips, which I know well. It has indeed a lot of quality traits: supportive industry trends, strong economics, strong relationships with helmet brands, end users who value a lot the Mips brand, and a unique position as an ingredient brand (for the same reasons there is only one Gore-Tex in jackets, there is probably only going to be one Mips in helmets)...But recently I am wondering whether the cyclicality of Mips' main end market ("Sports/Cycling" - still >90% of revenue) diminishes the quality, especially after the explosion of bicycle & helmet sales during the pandemic and as we are potentially entering a recession. Since the "Safety" vertical is still ramping up, could Mips be facing a hiatus in growth because of the combination of these two factors (Covid boom fading + weaker macro)? This is why I am still watchful at c.30x P/E. Cheaper valuation or signs of resiliency in this difficult environment is what I am monitoring at the moment.

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thank you again for all your work.

Would you say that one year after those stocks are still undervalued? Or is it better to focus on your recent list "15 stocks you've never hear of"?

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A nice List and difficult to Evaluate by retail Investor. I Wonder about the selective criteria and a ranking 20 is to much, 10 reasonable and 5 actionable

And thx for posting

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Great Info again, thanks CQ. Kev

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A wonderfully inspiring read, thanks a lot :-)

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It should be legally mandated that authors revisit stock picks one year later.

At the 9 month mark, this list isn't aging all that well, especially for "high quality" picks.

If they were a collection of 'cheap longshots', then there's ample allowance for losers, so long as a couple ships really do come in and deliver overall gains.

Inspiring when published, but sobering on review.

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Perion and Qualys are great!

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I like this post. If you're agree I'm going to share tomorrow in my Youtube live. Good small caps ranking.


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Thanks for sharing, but "undervalued"? :) Many are really expensive. CHEMM, MIPS....

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