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Hi Compound Quality, I hope you're doing well. Massive fan of your Substack/Twitter.

I am a founder of Zeed (https://zeed.ai/). We're helping creators transform their written content (like this Substack) into dynamic video pieces using AI to capture new audiences.

Would love to show you an example and jump on a call if you're interested in hearing more! Best, Rohan.

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My friend and partner CQ,

I greatly appreciate your consistent ability to share high-quality content in an easily comprehensible manner. The world of investing may seem straightforward at first glance, but it is far from easy. Establishing a robust philosophical foundation is paramount. Subsequently, it's crucial for an investor to continually revisit and deeply internalize the key principles, akin to a boxer tirelessly honing their jab or a guitarist perfecting an etude by varying its speed, tempo, or emphasis.

Therefore, I implore you to persist in emphasizing these profound principles. The rewards from doing so will undoubtedly compound over time!

Thank you!

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For Adobe you show SBCs as apercent of net income. Where can one find the number for the SBC?

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ADBE is a great company 🤗 What tool did you use for creating such useful onepagers? 🙂

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