I personally love this kind of content( it’s all too notch educational)but anything about investors is very interesting to me. I love reading about people who are successful and what I mean by that is that it’s possible. That regardless of where someone started or their journey success is always within reach! Great stuff CQ!!!

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Aug 20Liked by Compounding Quality

Another Thursday and another awesome post from CQ!

How do you get the time, the energy, the discipline, the inspiration...? Whatever it is that you're doing, please don't stop. We are all getting irreversible addicted to your quality lessons on investing.

I, and I am sure many of your readers, have to keep the pedal to the metal reading and digesting all the knowledge you are sending our way! 😊

Rest assured, I got August 31st circled in red on my calendar!

Regardless of how many times I write "thank you", it won't be enough. But when the time comes, you'll have my full support! πŸ™

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Where did you take the picture with M. Pabrai? Just want to watch this video)

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