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Another Thursday and another treasure of very useful and beautifully presented content. Thank you, CQ for all 100 pearls of knowledge! As always, I saved your excellent article for last.

All five reasons to buy shares of a business are very logical and easy to understand. And yet, so many people fail to stick with them. Speaking from my own past mistakes, it’s not the complexity of the buying principles that is hard, but rather the discipline to wait and buy only when all the check marks are present. Most people want to get rich quickly, but it almost never works out for them. Therefore, it’s important to come to this realization as soon and as early in life as possible. Then, very good things start to happen.

One more day to get to the weekend, my friend! Summer has officially begun, and I hope you have a great and sunny weekend. You won’t believe it but, here, it was only 3 degrees outside when I woke up this morning. Lol!

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Thank you for another knowledge compounding gem! I always learn something from CQ! What stood out to me in this article, which is also contained in other CQ articles, is the expected return formula. Brilliant, short, simple, and clear! Please keep it up!

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Thanks for 100

I think I'm becoming a better investor

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