Awesome read, thank you for sharing! A question, how do you apply momentum with value in your investments? like above or shorter/longer?

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So looking at VALUE trumps looking at profitability and growth???

I had just decided QCOM was a better investment than MU based on the following reasoning:

MU has a lower P/E ratio (forward PE) AND lower P/S ratio. BUT QCOM trumps MU on PEG ratio, Operating margins, ROA, and profit & earnings growth (yoy).

But according to your post, MU would be the better buy?

Similiar situation for GOOG vs MSFT.

GOOG is cheaper on several metrics but MSFT is more profitable and has higher growth. You would still prefer GOOG in this situation?

(on that account AMZN is WAY overpriced)

Thank you for the great post!

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Hi Richard,

O'Shaugnessey researched which factors worked the best over the past decade.

Personally, I think focusing on quality is the way to go. However, it is very hard for quants to quantify this (the moat of a company). When you can buy quality stocks with healthy margins, good capital allocation, active in a secular trend, ... which don't trade too expensive and have a good momentum.... Those stocks will perform very well over time. Quality first, valuation second.

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Thank you

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