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Thanks for sharing some useful information.

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Sapiens, really? Replace it with one of Nassim Taleb's (or rather, all of them) and you'll learn "what you don't know and can't predict".

Good advices, thank you CQ.

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Thanks CQ for the homework, excellent info.

cheers kev

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My friend CQ,

Here’s a big “thank you” for yet another inspiring article. Your consistent delivery of high-quality content is truly remarkable and greatly appreciated.

Item number 3 particularly resonated with me. It mirrors a train of thought I've been deeply contemplating recently. The challenge of exercising restraint and not immediately leaping at every idea or opportunity is indeed a thought-provoking one. I often find comfort in reminding myself of the deliberate selectiveness exhibited by Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger in their investment pursuits. I may not have beaten the market for 50+ years like these two legends, but I have proven to myself that through discipline and hard work an ordinary guy like me can achieve semi financial freedom. Even after all the mistakes that I have made in the past. So, I keep asking myself: “What’s the rush?” and dial back on activity.

The compilation of recommended books you provided is genuinely exciting. Among them, I've had the pleasure of reading 7. As for the remainder, while some titles may not evoke the same enthusiasm within me, I sense the potential for discovering true literary gems.

I eagerly anticipate your forthcoming pieces, and I wish you a productive second half of the week.

Warm regards,

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Thank you sir for the CFA cheat sheet, that will come in very handy. Also, there has been a revision to the syllabus starting in 2023 such that it is not quite as onerous (https://www.cfainstitute.org/en/about/press-releases/2023/enhancements-cfa-program-2023).

They have also introduced Practical Skills Modules which cover Financial Modelling & Python Programming.



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You are clearly passionate, and it’s great to see you share your passion and have a motivational approach to investing. It helps show retail investors there is another way than pure day trading. But I do miss the more qualitative content, which provides investors with the tools needed for the journey (example being the analysis for financial statement, explaining Cash flow concepts and formula).... Otherwise, content would be too light in my humble opinion.

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